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Flowing across open plan areas, both inside and out, and all set out in our sculptured surroundings you’re bound to get access to that special something that you’ve been looking for. And whatever that might be we’ve gone to great lengths to guarantee that you’ll feel the quality we have on offer. From our innovative equipment to our world class fitness experts. You’ll be inspired to reach your wellness goals through our personalised membership options. That always begin with a full 3D body scan to set you on the right path. And we make every effort to have purpose built into every aspect of our dealings with you. From our well-being credentials to the tailored classes we develop to the healthy food we have on offer.

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“Max & Aegle is not your average gym, it's not your average social club. It's not average at all. What it is, is a home for holistic health. Where we aim to be part of your life, not just part of your routine.”
Zafer Taher, Founder of Max & Aegle


Introducing Macro Health™, our very own approach to personal well-being. The drive behind it is aimed at delivering a positive space for people who are looking for a unique experience in realising their fitness goals. Who believe in the principles of Deliberate Practice. And feel that ordinary gyms and training exposes them to a limited amount of opportunities to be healthy, to learn, grow, achieve and socialise. With Macro Health ™ you benefit from a seamless and complete spectrum of health and wellness. Made easy. Ensuring that you feel energised and not fatigued. Informed and not instructed. Moving to the wider spectrum of wellness and away from a more blinkered world of fitness.

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