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Marwa Andaou
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Marwa Andaou

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Marwa studied IT Software Solutions in Paris when she left school. Exploring new places is a passion of hers and she speaks 4 languages including Arabic. She is a huge fan of Muay Thai and practiced it for 7 years in France. Marwa is energetic, friendly and a great team player with over 5 years’ experience in Customer Service & Admin.

What is your role at Max & Aegle?
Client Engagement Representative

If you weren't doing this role what would you like to be?

What’s your favourite part of the club?
The cardio area.

What workout do you like best, and why?

If you could meet one person who would it be?
Ibn Battuta or Marco Polo.

What colour / animal / object best describes you?
Blue and a horse.

Please try and describe yourself in three words?
Friendly, Curious & Perfectionist.