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Ayub Lubega
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What's your name?

Ayub Lubega

Where are you from?


What's your speciality?

Fat burn Muscle gain Sports performance Functional strength Boxing technique Mobility and flexibility Older adults

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Three interesting things about me:

I enjoy the outdoors & camping. Travel is a great passion of mine. Playing soccer, of course!

Ayub has been in the fitness industry for 7 years. His training approach is based on science, and proven by research, to educate his clients and achieve the best results possible.

What areas of fitness do you specialise in?
Ayub specialises in bodybuilding, weight management, and offering expert nutritional advice.

What are your fitness thoughts & experience?

If you could pass on one piece of training advice to a member at Max & Aegle what would it be?
It always seems impossible until you’ve done it.

What workout do you like best, and why?
Legs, because it’s very competitive and requires consistency.

What’s your favourite part of the club?
Weight lifting area.

Why did you become a PT?
Fitness is a hobby and passion of mine, so I wanted to help other people to achieve their own long term fitness goals and commitments.

If you weren’t a PT what would you be, and why?
Soccer player.

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