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Raphael Achutakoh Nji
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Raphael Achutakoh Nji

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Raphael has been in the fitness industry for 6 years. He specializes in body transformations and feels fulfilled knowing that in his job he can improve people’s health, as well as change their lifestyle for the better.

Why did you become a PT?
I have always been passionate about nutrition, fitness and helping people. It is such a rewarding feeling to see my clients achieve their weight loss and fitness goals. I feel fulfilled knowing that I assist people with living a long and healthy life.

If you weren’t a PT what would you be, and why?
If I was not a PT, I don’t know where I would be. Doing something in the fitness industry has always been my calling. Ever since I was young, my father encouraged me to become an engineer. As soon as I was old enough to make my own decisions, I left my home country to follow my dreams and pursue my passion.

What’s your favourite part of the club?
The main weights area of the Club.

What workout do you like best, and why?
Abs and core workouts.

What colour / animal / object best describes you?
Red - Symbolises strength & passion.

If you could pass on one piece of training adviceto a member at Max & Aegle what would it be?
Consistency and hard work always pays off.

Please try and describe yourself in three words?
Honest, Passionate & Driven.