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Sharon Reid
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Sharon Reid

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Sharon has been in the fitness industry for 8 years. She specializes in x-fit training for people of all ages. Sharon also holds special certificates in Olympic weightlifting, mobility, kettlebell and TRX training. She enjoys designing classes and challengers for members and building a x-fit training community.

Why did you become a PT?
I have a passion for helping others to be healthy and enjoy fitness as much as they can.

If you weren’t a PT what would you be, and why?
I would like to be a mechanic.

What’s your favourite part of the club?
The functional training area upstairs and the running track.

What workout do you like best, and why?
CrossFit and powerlifting.

What colour / animal / object best describes you?

If you could pass on one piece of training adviceto a member at Max & Aegle what would it be?
Don’t let anything get in your way and always be the best person you can be.

Please try and describe yourself in three words?
Bubbly, Loud & Passionate.