Michael Okello
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Michael Okello

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Michael is a passionate, motivated, responsible, hardworking person with good communication and technical skills acquired in basic first aid, access control, and firefighting from SIRA with three and a half years of working experience as a security guard team leader. Michael is currently working at BMW Group Training center undertaking the role of vehicle log registration and has also acquired experience at Dubai South headquarters (customer service), Mercure Hotel, and Max and Aegle under Duserve Facilities Management. Michael does believe in supportive teamwork that strengthens the already existing team. Michael is inspired by his wife and two sons.

What is your role at Max & Aegle?
Floor Attendant

If you weren't doing this role what would you like to be?
Fitness Instructor

What’s your favourite part of the club?
Ring Studio

What workout do you like best, and why?
Cardio; running helps in keeping your cardiac activity stable

If you could meet one person who would it be?
Floyd Mayweather

What colour / animal / object best describes you?
Grey / Eagle

Please try and describe yourself in three words?
Kind, Honest, and Hardworking