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In step with Max & Aegle, 100&TEN offers everyone who visits the club the opportunity to sample the very best. Healthy, tasty food and drink, created fresh each and every day. Making sure that you feel the benefit and the results of our Macro HealthTM approach to personal well-being, both inside and out.

Enjoy breakfast,
lunch, dinner
and brunch!
expertise and
MAK menus
Balancing your
workouts with
healthy eating
Ideal space to
relax or feel

Better personal wellness relies on the perfect blend of good, purposeful exercise with a healthy, nutritional diet; to ensure that you realise the results of better health, both inside and out. And so, to assist our members to achieve this balance, we’ve created 100&TEN to fuel them through the day with healthy, tasty food and drink. Along with expert nutritional advice, tailored made menus and the space to relax and feel revitalised. Making sure that you build in more robust eating habits into everything you do, reach your wellness goals, reduce the risk of serious ailments and increase the recovery from illness and injury. Over and above this 100&TEN offers an extensive selection of freshly prepared food and drink, created directly from our on-premises kitchen, by our top-class culinary talent. Simply ask one of the serving staff for advice in selecting the right choice for you. And let us get you seated, settled and reaching your well-being goals in the most appetising way possible!

Enjoy a new world
of well-being