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Every one of our members receives a complimentary Fit3D Body Scan when they join our world. At the cutting edge of well-being technology, this full body imaging allows us to help you to understand what route to take on your journey to better health and track your progress to your ultimate destination.

Full 3D image
of your body in
one simple scan
Measures health
based on areas
of body mass
Track progress
through your
online report

3D body scans are the latest, most accurate way to gauge the effectiveness of your fitness regime. And at the leading edge of this technology is the Fit3D Pro Body Scanner. As a complimentary part of your initial Max & Aegle wellness assessment you’ll have the opportunity to take a full 360-degree rotation scan of your body – that records information by capturing about 1,200 depth images – and uses the data to create your own full 3D avatar. The information is then used, by our fitness experts, to analyse and discuss your body measurements, assist you in defining your well-being aims and create a programme that is perfectly matched to your needs. We’ll also be able to help keep you on track with your programme and formulate a customised eating plan to make sure that you get the most out of your Max & Aegle experience.