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Innovation with quality is at our core. To prove this we’re always on the look out to bring our members new fitness programmes that perfectly match our Macro Health™ approach. Two new inclusions to our mix are our unique take on anti-gravity yoga and The Trip by Les Mills, a dynamic and interactive virtual spin class.

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Introducing two of the newest class additions to the Max & Aegle mix:

Swing Yoga. Apart from being a fun way to relieve stress, anti-gravity yoga has some serious health benefits associated with it. Not only does it relieve compression in the spine but also challenges your central nervous system, mental capacity and proprioception. It increases pulling strength, improves flexibility and, for all those yoga or fitness novices out there, is beginner-friendly.

The Trip by Les Mills. Burn the miles, and fat, in this fully-immersive cycling class that’s set in a digital world. Feel the stresses of the day fade away as you are enveloped by a cinema-scale screen and sound system and ascend a mountainous peak, cycle through a space-age metropolis or dive into a world of ice glaciers and underwater caverns. It’s the perfect workout to keep you motivated and take your energy output to the next level, burning serious calories along the way.