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Our Macro HealthTM approach to personal well-being relies on the perfect blend of good, purposeful exercise with a healthy, nutritional diet. To ensure that you are feeling the results of better health both inside and out. And with Sneha, our in-house nutritionist, you can rest assured that we’ll find the right balance just for you.

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We believe that the way to better health, and to make the most of our members fitness programmes, is to build in more robust eating habits into everything we, or you, do. And to ensure we achieve this for you, when you carry out your Welcome Sessions – that are designed to help get you on-board with our club – we’ll book in a complimentary consultation with our in-house nutritionist to go into detail about nutritional goals. So let us take a moment and introduce her to you: Sneha is a fully licensed, experienced nutritionist who has invaluable clinical expertise gained from her work across multi-speciality hospitals & wellness centres; focused on all areas from weight management to sports nutrition. However her passion lies in designing healthy menus, that taste great, and offering members the best advice in achieving their personal lifestyle goals.

But more than just helping you reach your wellness goals, good nutrition can also help you to:

•    Reduce high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

•    Reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke, some cancers and osteoporosis.

•    Improve your well-being and energy levels.

•    Improve your ability to fight off and recover from illness or injury.

To make sure we help you to reduce these risks and improve overall well-being, as part of your gym induction session you’ll receive a personalised nutritional plan based on your health goals and activity levels and a macro-nutrient breakdown that will detail your daily protein, fats and carb intake. And what’s more our partner brands, 100&Ten & Pura, will be able to make sure you stay on track when you’re at the club or at home. At our 100&TEN restaurant there are plenty of healthy things to eat and drink, that taste great too. Simply ask one of the serving staff for advice in selecting the right choice for you. And with Pura they’ll be able to develop a home food menu that’s perfect for you. Let them take all the hassle out of meal planning by working with you, and your programme, to deliver deliciously designed meals to your door. Either way we have you catered for in reaching your well-being goals in the most appetising way possible!

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