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Selected from the best of the best from across the globe, our in-house trainers and coaches give our members the focused, and continuous, attention they deserve. Allowing them to access, every day, the best wellness expertise available and feel the benefit of a more personalised approach to their fitness goals and programmes.

In-house and
available for
our members
Access to the
finest fitness
advice available
unique classes
just for you
approach to
your wellness

Unlike many other gym and health clubs, all our personal trainers and coaches are in-house. By investing in them as a permanent rather than freelance part of our family we can make sure all our members receive a consistent approach to their personal wellness programmes. And, not only are they some of the best expertise around – getting to know your individual needs – but also a familiar friendly face. Helping to make our club warm and welcoming and a place for all. No matter what your fitness level or lifestyle needs. They’re also on hand to help you to properly define a nutritious eating plan to supplement your wellness programme. Importantly our trainers are an essential part of our Welcome Sessions. Guiding you through your fitness & lifestyle assessment, plotting out the perfect wellness programme for you and taking you through your initial Basic Movement Sessions to understand your physical condition as you join the club.

Enjoy a new world
of well-being