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With so much on offer and an approach that is embedded in the principles of Macro Health™ – we know that 20 mins of the right training is worth more than a couple of hours spent on the wrong – we’ll create a programme that blends seemlessly with your life. Not just a stop off in your day as you go through it.

Embody the
principles of
Macro Health™
Develop a fitness
programme that
suits your needs
your daily

During your initial assesment as a member we will develop a programme based on your individual needs. With a range of experiences on offer you’ll be able to choose to go for Personal Training, Group Exercise or training on your own. And if you do choose to train on your own terms, we can provide you with a workout programme to help guide your development; from our Weight Loss programme to Muscle Gain. You will also benefit from expert advice by our nutritionalist & one of our fitness team in guiding you in your programme selection and development. In addition to this we will be creating on-going experiences for you, our member, to take advantage of, such as; Talia’s Tummy Tuck – focussed on core strength development, Athletes Training – to help professionals reach their peak, Female Bootcamp – designed to push you a little bit further, Kids Activities – healthier fun times for those aged 4 to 14, and many more. All created so that you can choose the Max & Aegle experience that's right for you.