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Please read the information below to get a better idea of the steps we're constantly taking to make sure that the club is safe to use, inside and out, at all times.

In keeping with the rules and regulations set out by the UAE Government, with a few of our own specific requirements, we’ve outlined the core aspects that will be active in the Club over this transitional period. We, like you, are not sure how long this will last. But hopefully day by day, week by week, the regulations will ease, our communities will gather, and get stronger, and we can get moving again at full speed, with our vision of providing a unique well-being destination for everyone across Dubai. 

We ensure that
the whole club is
regularly sanitised,
inside and out
All our fitness
equipment is
always cleaned,
Enjoy a vast
space, inside &
out to exercise
more safely
Face masks
will need to
be worn at
all times

Please read the points below to understand what may and may not be done in the Club over this period:

  • A physical distance of at least 3 metres must be maintained at all times, within the Club.
  • All waiting areas, inside and outside of the Club, will be closed off.
  • Trainers and instructors will not be allowed to gather in any area, with each other or with members.
  • Bathrooms and toilets will be sanitised regularly after use, or at least once every hour.
  • All visitors – members and non-members – are required to wear a face mask while inside the club premises this includes walking around the facility, talking to fellow members, or while getting ready for your workout such as light stretching or moving between equipment.
  • Face masks can only be removed during strenuous exercise. 
  • Any person who has a cough, fever, breathing difficulty, respiratory disease or immunodeficiency, will not be allowed to enter the Club.
  • No boxing gloves will be provided, for boxing or kickboxing – please bring your own.
  • No mats or blocks will be provided, for yoga or exercise sessions – please bring your own.
  • Group classes need to be booked in advance, due to reduced numbers in accordance with social distancing requirements.
  • Some equipment and machines will be out of use, to ensure we correctly adhere to social distancing guidelines.
  • Smaller accessory equipment, such as medicine balls, core bags, etc. are available on request to the fitness team or reception. To ensure proper sanitisation after use.
  • A dedicated area will be provided upstairs, specifically for 1:1 client training.

To make your lives easier we recommend frequently checking your My M&A page; to receive regular updates and pre-book the classes you require. If you haven’t activated your account as yet, then please do so as soon as possible. And if you have any questions or need any help in activating it, please feel free to contact us and we can either talk you through the setup or assist you with any specific questions.

We’re also glad to resume our Welcome Sessions, for those who haven’t benefited from them to date. Over the last few months, we’ve come to fully understand the true importance of wider well-being. If it wasn’t evident to all before, we feel it’s now more apparent than ever; to be physically, mentally, and spiritually fit and healthy. To help our members flow through their day by being in better rhythm with it. By helping them to realise, and keep them moving, in their wider, desired wellness direction!

Enjoy a new world
of well-being